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Central University is an educational Initiative of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC).

It has its origins in a short-term Pastoral training institute, which was started in October 1988 by ICGC. It was later incorporated, in June 1991 under the name, Central Bible College. In 1993, the name was changed again to Central Christian College. The College later upgraded its programmes to the baccalaureate level, and in line with national aspirations, expanded its programmes to include an integrated and practice oriented business school, named Central Business School.

To reflect its new status as a liberal arts tertiary institution, the university was re-christened Central University College in 1998. The National Accreditation Board has since accredited it as a tertiary Institution. It is co-educational with equal access for male and female enrolment. Central University has eight (8) faculties/schools, namely the Central Business School (CBS), the School of Architecture and Design (SADe), School of Graduate Studies (SGS), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), Faculty of Law(FOL), School of Pharmacy(SOP), School of Engineering and Technology (SET) and  the School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SMHS) 

In January 2016, the University College received the Presidential Charter to become an autonomous and a fully-fledged university as Central University.

Meet the SRC President

The SRC President is the head of the entire Students’ Representative Council. The current SRC President is Daniel Nii Korley Botchway. He is a final year student pursuing Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

He already holds a First Degree in Administration with concentration in Human Resource Management from the same Central University and a Post Graduate Certificate from the University of Northampton

Meet the Entire Team


The Executive Council assists the SRC President in the formulation and execution of the policies and programs set out by the SRC in an academic year

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Dean Of STudents

Dean of Students The Dean of Students is responsible for exercising oversight over the Students’ Representative Council

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There are in existence 8 Halls of Affiliation

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Parliamentary Council

The legislative power of the Students’ Representative Council of Central University is vested in the Parliamentary Council and ...

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There exist the SRC Counsel Advisors that counsel the SRC President in the Performance of his functions. The Council of Advisors considers and advises the SRC President or any other SRC ...

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Judicial Council

Judicial Council The Judicial powers of the SRC shall rest in the Judicial Council. Judicial Council may receive petitions from students or group ...

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The SRC is made up of various committees that helps the executive council to run the day to day activities of the body

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The SRC Constitution

CENTRAL UNIVERSITY SRC concerns itself with all aspects of students’ welfare within the University.
The interests and welfare of the general student body is particular of paramount importance to the Students’ Representative Council (SRC). The SRC serves as the mouth oiece of the entire student bogy of the university Management.
The SRC also fosters good relations between students of the University and the outside world by coordinating with other student organizations in Ghan and elsewhere in matters of mutual interests.