Get a license with I-Drive

The I-DRIVE initiative is a programme that makes the acquisition of a valid Driver’s License easy and less stressful. 

Students learning to drive after registration, are taking through a six weeks theoretical and Practical driving lessons all on campus. Officials of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) come to do the registration, issuance of the Learner License and the final road test all on campus.

I-DRIVE seeks to grant opportunity to all students who are willing to acquire training and a driver’s license to do so in the comfort and convenience of the campus

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The SRC of the Central University would like to know your thoughts and complains. We recognized that students will sometimes become dissatisfied with a service we or the University have provided or failed to provide.

We know that there may be disagreement regarding progression decisions, the outcome of a refund request or how regulations may have been applied. There may also be occasions where students have grounds to appeal a decision made by the SRC or the University

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